One Call Trumps All-On Being a Parent

The stage was set. We had just finished up our special cookbook edition of #Read4Fun.  I had posted the storify to our website and was now getting my tweetdeck ready for #PodcastPD. It’d been months since I’d participated in this chat and I was eager to re-connect with Stacey, Chris and AJ.   And then about 10 minutes into the chat it happened…

The Phone Rang

Actually it quaked like a duck.  Only when my son calls does my phone quack like a duck.  My heart immediately skipped a beat and my stomach did a flip-flop.  Evan was calling! 

A little background is needed here.  Evan is 23 years old.  He graduated from Ithaca College this past May, lived and worked in Ithaca for 8 or so months then moved to Boulder Colorado with his girlfriend and 2 cats in February.  Neither of them had jobs.  They decided they needed a change so they just up and moved.  Ahh to be 23 again!

When the kids first moved to Boulder we would hear from Evan frequently but now that they were settling in the communication was less and less.  It was to the point that I was starting to get anxious.  Why wasn’t he returning our calls?  Why wasn’t he returning our texts?  Was something wrong?  Did something happen that he didn’t want to tell us about?  If you’re a parent of an older child you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Within the first 15 seconds of talking with him we knew that all was well in his world.  It’s funny how, when you become a parent, you can instantly tell how your child is feeling, even on the phone before they’ve said a word.  My husband I both talked and laughed with Ev for a good 45minutes. By the time we hung up our hearts were bursting with pride and joy.

After hanging up, my thoughts went back to my computer. #Podcast PD twitter chat was over and the accompanying blab was wrapping up.  I’d missed it.  I was feeling a little guilty that I totally bailed on the chat so the next morning I sent Stacey a quick tweet apologizing and telling her why I disappeared.  This is how the conversation went:

Stacey’s response to my tweet pretty much sums up life as a parent. Whether your kid is 3, 23 or 63 being mom trumps all every….single….time….

TheOptimistic Educator…


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