The Fairy-Tale Life-Too Good To Be True?

Have you ever been at a point in your life where everything seems to be going right? Each day you wonder when the fairy-tale will end. You assume that things can’t keep going in your favor. You all but convince yourself that fate is going to catch up with you sooner or later.  Well maybe that day has come…

The fortunate position I currently find myself in is just that – I feel like I’m living in a fairy-tale. Everything seems to be going my way. But with that comes fear. When is everything going to fall apart, I ask myself. Why are all these good things happening to me? I’m no different than anyone else, why is it that my colleagues aren’t living their fairy-tale lives. And then it hit me. It has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the fairy-tale itself.

So, what is a Fairy-Tale?

It’s possible that my age has something to do with the regard I have for fairy-tales.  I grew up listening to, then reading on my own, Grimm’s fairy-tales (the later editions not the original gruesome stories!)  For those of you in my age set you will remember that Grimm’s stories weren’t all peaches and cream.  There were negative forces and evil.  There were trials and tribulations to be had by the main characters.  Being in a fairy-tale didn’t mean things were all hunky dory in your life.  But what it did mean is that you remained positive, you didn’t give up, you persevered over adversity. Pretty much the main characters in Grimm’s fairy-tales rose to the top despite all the obstacles put before them.

So how does this relate to “real” life?

You don’t have to make much of a leap from the above fairy-tale explanation to the lesson at hand. It really and truly is all about attitude and how you approach & deal with adversity that determines your outcome. Now I’m not saying that if you are positive and perky all the time that every outcome will be in your favor.  If just doesn’t happen that way. Hard work and dedication come in to play here almost as much as a positive attitude. But that positive attitude can’t be dismissed. We’ve all heard the stories of people who endure unimaginable tragedy yet they continue to march forward thanking those around them and finding the good in whatever they can.  If they can do it why can’t we?


We’ve all heard the saying about it being easy to Talk the Talk but much harder to Walk the Walk. I think this holds true with living the fairy-tale life. I’ve always been able to Talk the Talk – and I’ve actually believed in what I was saying – but I’ve stumbled many times when trying to Walk the Walk. It has only been with age, and all the life experiences that come with it, that I have been able to truly embrace the fairy-tale life. The adversities that I’ve faced in my life pale in comparison to what many other people have faced but they are my adversities and they have helped me transition from talking to walking. I now realize that my attitude, my happiness, my fairy-tale life is completely up to me. Yes there have been, and will continue to be, stumbling blocks in the way – that’s called life. But it is how we deal with those stumbling blocks that determines whether we get to live the fairy-tale life.

My Fairy-Tale

When I re-read my opening paragraph I realize that it sounds like I’m holding the Golden Ticket-I even say that every thing is going my way. But if a person were to look more deeply at my fairy-tale life they would realize that I’ve faced, and continue to face those evil forces that lurk in most of Grimm’s fairy-tales.  You can’t get to be my age without experiencing pain, struggle and loss. But it is these things that make us grow stronger. With each new stumbling block I find I come out on the other side stronger, more appreciative and more passionate about the people around me.  So do I have great things going on in my life? Yes! Do I also have some not so great things going on in my life? The answer to that is also yes. But in the end I’ve made the choice to not let my stumbling blocks keep me down,  instead I’ve made the choice to use those same blocks as steps and one by one I’ve used those steps to help me build a stairway up to my very own fairy-tale life!

 I hope in reading this you realize that just because someone appears to be living the fairy-tale life it doesn’t mean that everything in life is easy for them. So please don’t judge someone just because they always seems positive and perky.  Those positive, perky people deal with the same struggles as the rest of us, they have just chosen to rise above their adversities and live the fairy-tale life. I charge each of you to embrace the good in your life and acknowledge the not so good in your life. Hold your head high as you tackle whatever stumbling blocks are in your way.  Put a smile on your face and start living your very own fairy-tale life!

*Special thanks go out to LaVonna Roth #IgniteYourSHINE, Jennifer Williams #goodbringsgood and the Great Educators Crew #WGEDD  for inspiring me along the way.  Your messages have helped me create my very own  fairy-tale life! Thank you….

The Optimistic Educator…


2 thoughts on “The Fairy-Tale Life-Too Good To Be True?

  1. Thank you for this reminder about our attitudes, struggles, and sucesses and how we “own” them. Some days are definitely better than others, but having those not-so-great-moments, truly do make the great moments seem a whole lot better! We always need to remind ourselves that everyone has their own struggles every day and it’s how we react to things that happen to us, and in our lives is what really makes the difference.


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